California DMV Hearing Lawyer

An arrest for DUI in California will initiate an instant suspension of your driver’s license. The arresting officer will seize your license and issue a notification of suspension that is set to remain for 30 days. When this suspension happens, a DMV hearing can legally be requested within 10 days following the suspension notice. The DMV hearing offers you the opportunity along with your retained legal counsel to fight for your right to drive by contesting a license suspension.

DMV_HearingsThe DMV hearing is an administrative review and completely separate from any trial date that is scheduled for a DUI offense. Consulting confidentially with attorneys that have experience with DMV hearings is an important step before entering a scheduled DMV hearing. A DMV officer will attend the hearing and the facts involving your license suspension will be presented and discussed.

A DMV hearing is tape recorded to ensure a public record is created and transcripts can be made of the evidence that is presented surrounding the suspension of your license. Our experienced team of attorneys can request that your arresting officer attend the DMV hearing for a statement of the facts. An accurate review and challenge of the police investigation reports can be made and errors or mistakes that may have been made during the arrest can be analyzed.

A successful presentation of the facts, information or errors made during your arrest may convince the DMV officer to reinstate your driving privileges by dismissing the suspension that was placed on your license. If the DMV rules against a reinstatement, your license can be suspended for a period of up to four months and this can lead to a loss of employment and lost wages.

A favorable outcome of a DMV hearing can be useful in your future court date when you appear for a DUI offense. The information can be presented and used in court when questioning the arresting officer. A successful outcome in court will cause the suspension to be lifted from your license and you can avoid SR-22 insurance bonds and additional court charges that are frequently imposed with a DUI offense conviction in court.

The wise decision is to have proper legal representation for your DMV hearing. At Traffic Ticket Justice, we can provide you with this representation. We offer our legal assistance anywhere in California.