California Red Light Ticket Lawyers

Red_light_ticketRed light tickets are among the most dreaded of all of the citations in California. This is because these tickets are among the most expensive of the citations that do not carry misdemeanor or felony charges. A ticket that results from running a red light in front of a red light camera can cost up to $480 in some counties.

The laws regarding red lights in California are governed by Vehicle Code 21450-21468. Vehicle code 21450 covers basic red light law. This vehicle code states that vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians must obey the signals as indicated. Vehicle Code 21453 states that vehicles and bicycles must obey the red light signal by stopping behind the line.

Red light tickets come with a penalty of 2 points on your license. Many drivers ignore the points and focus on the fines; however, the points on the license can add up to more of a hassle than the fine that comes with the ticket. If you add additional red light tickets or other citations, you may end up with a suspended license. In California, 4 points on your license within a 12 month period, 6 points within a 24 month period, or 8 points within a 36 month period can cause you to lose your license. Having a suspended license is a hassle, forcing you to rely on public transportation or rides to get where you need to go, including getting to work, to doctor’s appointments, and even to the store to pick up some groceries.

In addition to the points, red light tickets include a fine. These fines vary according to the county where you received the ticket as well as whether you were stopped by a police officer or by a red light camera. The fines can span from just over $100 to nearly $500.

A traffic ticket attorney can help you beat your red light ticket. Red light camera tickets are especially easy to beat in court. Your attorney can help you get the ticket dismissed or get the fines and penalties reduced to the minimum.